About Us

The owner and managing broker, Brad Rubeck, has been in the property management business in DeKalb since 1991.  Solely in College Housing until 2012, then integrating Residential Housing.   Currently, his business, manages over 500 rental units plus condominium associations.  Brad graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Business, and a minor in Real Estate Administration.  He specializes in Investment Properties, with a clear understanding of the local market, and effective property management.  He is past president and ongoing member of the DeKalb Area Rental Association, and recently achieved his CAM (Community Association Management) License. 

   Resident Manager, Ryan Barton, holds a masters degree in accounting from NIU, and has been with the company for well over 10 years.  He runs the office and financial reporting with a keen eye and a conservative mind.   In addition, Ryan holds a Real Estate Leasing Agent License.

   Leasing Agent and Manager of CLA Properties 150+ rental units, Derek Jontz, holds a degree from NIU, and was previously a manager in a chain restaurant conglomerate.  Great with people and Customer Service.  If he is not at the 815 rental office, you will likely find him instructing water aerobics to the ladies at the YMCA.

  Cindy Heinrich, Broker, is our newest employee.  She has years of property management experience, Real Estate Sales experience, great communication skills,  great repoire with many of our newest clients, and is quick to address pertinent issues.  In addition to her leasing skills and repoire, she has a very good knowledge of the sales market and produces several sales per year  

Our Maintenance Crews.....knowledgeable, experienced, and considerate.  

Maintenance Apprentice, Zack Patton, is a quick study, reliable, conscientious, and trustworthy.  He is from a family in the real estate business, and recognizes the advantage of "doing things right" the first time.  A junior in High School, he loves racing Quads, and puts in the hours to help pay for his equipment.